Lake Maime

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Do you know where this is? If you like cameras, you may know that it's in Norikura. Lake Maime is one of the famous spots for taking pictures in Norikura highland. A lot of tripods line up during the fall foliage season. Yes, this is autumn. I'm sure that you will be surprised to hear that we made Satie here.



The EF-S 18-55mm I was using at the time with my Kiss digital couldn't overcome the strong backlight.  After that I bought L lens, EF 17-40mm.
当時使っていたキスデジの EF-S 18-55mmが強い逆光に負けました。レフがあったとしても池や草原の色が出なかったでしょう。これが愛玉17-40購入の動機となりました。




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It was five or six men who held the reflector for making Satie. We thanked him for applying for an assistant in Kyoto.



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Naked march ... Few people have had such an experience.



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I was busy for a while and couldn't update. I'm sorry. "God's mirror " is another name for Lake Inawashiro. If you know the location of the beach in the second half, you will know the risk of this shooting.


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Fall may have come

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It suddenly became cold at that morning. We went out in light clothes and bought a fleece in Shizuoka city. That's why I named the title like this. The shot at dusk was taken  on the way down the mountain after the location because the sky was sunset more and more beautiful. I let Satie put her clothes off  by the side of the road in a hurry.


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Legend of Ama hime

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There was a ship bunker on the edge of the beach. The fishing boat that we left during the shooting suddenly turned around and headed for us. At first, Satie also looked into the ship from a distance, but as she got closer and closer.  We withdrew in a hurry.




Grand Panorama Peaks

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We took these photos in Yamanami high way and Daikanbo. The observatory, both hundreds of meters away, was full of tourists.




Memories of Midsummer

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I was crazy about Satie's body. But the performance of digital cameras at that time was at most this level.


Mold onto snow

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Summer greetings. Enjoy cool pictures of hot spa in winter.



Summer forest

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Satie played with athletic equipment in the park in the forest. And she walked through a timber bridge and reached the field filled with flowers of sunchoke.