Released "Japanesque" again in album"Indoor".

We created this album in a studio managed by a friend photographer.
Some of the photos are taken by the friend.


Mt. Takao

Released "Mt. Takao" again.

We encountered an accident that a hiker meets naked Satie.
Please wait for releasing the essay about a detail of an accident again.


A hot spring hut in Kashi

Released new "A hot spring hut in Kashi" .

I have repaired the Kashi Spa album before making Sarugakyo. It took time and effort as much as newer.

We went down to the hut at midnight and took these pictures. And we suddenly noticed, there was a clean up man was waiting for us to finish that outside the window.



Released "Doll" again in memories "Bedroom". We shot them at a love motel in Nara.


Autumnal Mountain

Released new "Autumnal Mountain" .

I can pick up the branch with colored leaves and admire it.
If it still green I am looking forward to changing while pensive.
So love autumn, I love .
mistress Nukata ( Man-yo-shu 1-16)
translated by Sienna


Cross the Amagi

Released "Cross the Amagi" again. I retouched it to remake it brighter.


Autumn has come.

Thank you for your heartfelt message when applying for user registration. And thank you for your comments on this blog. I read all happily, but I'm sorry for my no response because I'm full of my time by making images and organizing the albums. Please forgive me.



Snow Maiden

Album " Silver salt films"

We took these pictures by EOS kiss, a film camera and asked the town's DPE shop for development and printing  these films at that time.(銀塩EOS Kiss で撮影したものを町のDPEに出しました。)