First Kiss

Released "First Kiss" again.

Sorry, a long interval of update because I'm on work of moving site.

These are our first work taken by Digital Single Lens Reflex. We took them located in the village named Satomi in Ibaraki prefecture. Kiss is the name of the camera.

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Released "Wuzume" again.

Sorry, a long interval of update because I'm on work of moving site.

This album is based on the motif of Japanese mythology.

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Emergency notice(緊急連絡)

The server I owe for this site will be out of service this year. So I am looking for a new server. Please keep your email address. If La_shin shuts down suddenly, please send a contact email.
If we can't find an inexpensive rental server, I will ask you a little  economical support for runnninng this site.




Drift Wood

Released "Drift Wood" again.

This is our debut work by digital still camera in outdoor. We had got into taking pics of Satie from this success in such location. The beach is near Omaezaki in Enshu-nada.

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When we were young leaves.

Released "First of May".

We ware too young and poor but filled with happiness and hope.

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In the larch forest

Released "Snow Maidon II".

Here was same woods with the Larch forest where we took pictures of our debut work. It's risky that we take pictures in snow woods, because woods in winter  are unexpectedly  open sight.

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Nudist Beach

Released "Nudist Beach".

It's located in Fire island in Long beach, New York state.
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Saruga-kyo Spring2

Released "Saruga-kyo Spring2".

I saw my wife froliking in the bath and was falling down to love with my wife again.
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Released "Baloon" again.

It took 20 minutes for them to inflate all of these balloons after Satie became naked.
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Released "Green" again.

We climbed up to the trail of patina with the equipment and set a remote control strobe for taking these pics.
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