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These photos were taken early in the morning at Nakatajima Sand Dunes. If you look at the location of this place in a photo of a web map, you may not believe it(lol)


I saw a dog walking far away, but I thought I couldn't miss this chance and decided to take a picture. She was naked all at a sandy beach as far as the eye could see, with no place to hide, so 2 minutes was the limit.


Larch Wood

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This was debut work for us on web.The original title of this work was "Winter Solstice". It was taken at Yatsugatake at the winter solstice. trembling !!  Naturally, I wore a down jacket.These photos are images cut out from a digital video camera tape converted to mpeg. This is a work before the spread of digital cameras.


A message written with rouge

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We took these pictures in the studio run by my friend. Two staffs helped us.


The idea of writing with lipstick came to me while shooting. I felt that balloons weren't enough to create an atmosphere, so we tllk a break. Staffs turned off the electricity and electronic devices and Satie took out a lipstick to fix her makeup. I saw it and came up with an idea.



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Inkadʒ means sea breaze. This is Pisseoganzaki Beach on the east coast of Miyako island.



Once upon a time, God defeated the habu. The head of the habu cut by God's sword fell to Ryukyu, his torso fell to Miyako, and his tail fell to Yaeyama. After a while, the head and tail regenerated and returned to the habu, but Miyako's torso died. It's a reason why Habus aren't in MIyako. This is a story we heard from the islanders.

Kagi Suma Mjark=Beautiful island Miyako(美しき島 宮古)

A White Little Birch

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Satie often sings nursery rhymes. I like her singing voice very much. When he found this birch in the meadow, she sang the song "One Little Birch". These are the lyrics.

One small birch
One in the middle of the plains
swaying in the wind



 We came across a baby bear on the road while shooting this series. The little bear was surprised and ran away with all his might. We escaped to the car twice as fast. This is because there may be a mother bear nearby. It was quite funny that the naked Satie and the baby bear running in the woods with all their might.


At Ashoro

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This is the side of the national highway from Kamishihoro to Ashoro. At this time, I was depressed because I failed to shoot the Taushubetsu Bridge, which I was looking forward to. I didn't know it was the season when the bridge was submerged. In this shoot, my wife volunteered to be a model to cheer me up.





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Satomi x Sienna

Open air Spa biside Hoki river.

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Iwa-no-yu is unlikely that this hot spring will be reopened at such location. It is the atmosphere of good old Shiobara.




 Let me express the greetings of the season.


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Happy new year, friends.
Many greeting messages were given to the thread that was inadvertently opened even though I intended to close the New Year's comment section so as not to bother everyone. Thank you so much. We sincerely hope that the threat of infectious diseases will disappear early this year and that you will have peaceful days.
La-shin is now about 70% restored before it was closed, but there are many unpublished and undeveloped images. Especially for outdoor works, it takes time to retouch because they are shot under harsh conditions. I know that it is not enough to have just Satie's naked body, but please support me by comment or email.

Daikan's demanding order

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This is a kind of remote SM. Daikin ordered Satie embarrassing poses with chestnut and whisky.